Pneumatic Actuators

Torque Control Pneumatic Actuators are available in both Double & Single Acting Models with an output torque ranging from 30 Nm to 4000 Nm at 6 Bar (600 kPa) operating pressure. They are suitable for a maximum operating pressure of 10 Bar (1000 kPa) operation.

Torque Control Pneumatic Actuators feature a modern scotch yoke mechanism with high starting and ending torques in a compact package. Due to the design this translates to higher break and reseating torques with substantially lower air consumption. Closing position adjustment is possible on all Double Acting Actuators.

Actuators are fitted with low friction wear pads to eliminate contact between the piston and the body which guarantee long life and lubrication free operation throughout the Actuator range. The Actuator housing is hard anodized internally and externally to provide superior protection from most environments.

Single Acting Actuator Springs are powder coated, pre-tensioned and retained in a spring module for long and trouble free operation, ensuring complete safety during assembly or disassembly and general maintenance. The standard Spring module is designed for 5.5 (550 kPa) to 6.0 (600 kPa) Bar operation. Different spring modules are available to suit other operating pressures.

Torque Control Actuators have a universal ISO Mounting Pad that allows easy mounting to most rotary valves. The top works is NAMUR to facilitate easy mounting of switches, positioners and accessories.