Manual Override Gearboxes

Torque Control Manual Override Declutchable Gearboxes (TCMO 030-3200) ranging from 300Nm to 32000Nm offer reliable and simple manual positioning of valves, and other quarter-turn devices where manual override is required on pneumatic or hydraulic rotary actuators.

All our TCMO series are of rugged design, light weight and modular to provide the most efficient and cost effective solution for a comprehensive range of manual override options. Our Gearboxes are external epoxy painted which provides superior resistance for rigorous environments. The self-locking worm gear is designed to provide safe and easy operation and long life.

Model TCMO 030 - TCMO 3200

Torque Control Manual Override Declutchable Gearboxes (TCMO) ranging from 300Nm to 3200Nm, comes with ISO Actuator and Valve mountings.