Electric Actuators

Torque Control Electric Actuators (TCEL Series) are available from 100Nm to 3000Nm torque output. Due to robust design and construction, they can be used in most industrial environments. The housing is hard anodised Aluminium Alloy and external epoxy coating paint provides superior resistance for rigorous environments.

Our Electric Actuators are fitted with a specially designed squirrel cage induction motor to generate high starting torque and is fitted with thermal overload protection to prevent damage from overheating. Included internally are both torque and limit switches for remote indication. Our TCEL Series also feature a highly visible dome position indicator.
Our Electric Actuators are supplied standard with manual override and external operating clutch lever that switches the Actuator to manual mode. This is automatically disengaged when switched to electrical operation. The gear mechanism is self locking to eliminate the possibility of reverse movement from the valve. Our design features ISO mountings and removable drive bushing that allows easy adaption to suit most valve requirements.

Available with a range of optional accessories including extra limit switches, potentiometer, process control unit, local control and signal indication.

Model TCEL 100 - TCEL 3000

Torque Control Quarter Turn Electric Actuator (TCEL) ranging from 100Nm to 3000Nm. Our Actuators comes with standard dome indicator and manual override.