Remote Valve Control System

STEINVIC remote valve control systems are suitable and applicable for the handling of valves systems in ballast, bilge, fuel oil, liquid cargo, cement, mud, process systems Marine and Offshore Oil & Gas industries.

Our remote valve control system covers:

  • Hydraulic operated remote valve control
  • Pneumatic operated remote valve control
  • Electric operated remote valve control

STEINVIC hydraulic valve actuator and solenoid valves Panels are designed and manufactured in accordance to ABS marine classification society’s rules and regulations.

The main components are:

  • Valves & actuators
  • Control stations
  • Solenoid valve boxes
  • Hydraulic power units

Valve actuator position indicating devices:

  • Direct indication via electric limit switches and proximity switches
  • Limit Switch boxes installed directly on the actuators
  • Feedback indicator switch provides indirect means of position indication
  • Volumetric position indicator for the indirect feedback indication