Our Solutions

Engineered Systems

At STEINVIC, we know that supplying the proper equipment is only one facet of a successful project.  An optimal solution must be engineered to assure functionality, maintainability and expandability in an efficient manner.

This is accomplished through engineering services that include:

  • CAD and Drafting
  • PLC Software Development
  • Comprehensive System Design
  • Detailed Submittal Packages
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Automation Engineering
  • Control Systems Engineering
  • Process Engineering
  • Engineering Assistance

In addition to engineering systems, STEINVIC also offers:

  • Stand alone services including engineering, bid specification preparation and evaluation.
  • Automation strategies, field service/repairs, PLC software consulting, software design/programming and submittal packages.

Manufacturing Services
STEINVIC designs and fabricates equipment skids to application requirements. These equipment skids are complete with respect to mechanical, process piping, electrical, instrumentation, and control requirements.  We test all systems extensively before shipment to the customer's site. The systems are then ready for an uncomplicated installation and efficient start up.

Industrial Equipment and Components
Our Engineers and Technicians understand the importance of detail.  We select, size, and integrate the appropriate components and equipment required for a complete processing system.

Services and Support

  • Instrument Calibration
  • Control System Calibration
  • Installation Services
  • Commissioning Services
  • Service and Support Contracts

Instrument Calibration
All process instrumentation requires periodic calibration. STEINVIC can assist in the development of an instrument calibration schedule for your specific process. While we can customize the calibration schedule to your process, the calibration procedures employed by STEINVIC follow standard practices established by the ISA and/or the specific instrument manufacturer. We provide a detailed Calibration Report for each device calibrated following every calibration.

Control System Calibration
True control balances the supply of energy and/or material against the demands made by  the process. The efficiency at which your Control System operates is directly
proportional, in part, to the data used in the control algorithms. The process data acquired for control of your system should be accurate and the control devices within your control system should use that data efficiently for processing.

Process Controller Calibration
The process control unit that now controls your process also requires periodic calibration to verify accuracy of operation. STEINVIC can also assist in the development of a calibration schedule for the process controllers of your specific control system. These process controllers may be stand-alone units, multiple units integrated together,
PLC control based, or a combination of multiple configurations. To insure efficient use of Energy and Materials in the control of your Process, a Calibration Schedule should be a procedural part in your process.

Installation services from STEINVIC include supervision and coordination of field electrical and mechanical subsystems. We can provide both turnkey services and/or site assistance supervision of customer supplied contractors.

Commissioning services includes every aspect of the process systems start-up including:

  • Performance Tests
  • Production Runs
  • System Validation
  • Mechanical Inspection
  • Electrical Inspection
  • Instrumentation Setup
  • Dry Run Test
  • Operator Training
  • System Optimization

Service and Support Contracts
To assure processing systems are operating at peak efficiencies, we offer service and support contracts that maximize system production rates and minimize downtime.  Our qualified Service Technicians are available to provide preventative maintenance and refurbishment of processing equipment, optimization of Control Systems, install software revisions and enhancements, and provide plant personnel training.  Service and Support contracts are flexible to meet our customer's unique needs.