SCADA Based Monitoring System

STEINVIC alarm monitoring systems (SAMS) are carefully designed according to vessel's & owner's requirement and completely comply with classification society rules and regulations.

Our alarm monitoring system is fully integrated and has the following features:

  • Simplicity
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Support

STEINVIC Alarm Monitoring Systems (SAMS) are designed and configured with user friendly HMI and GUI providing simple and ease of operation.

On a tactile screen, the user has an exact graphic reproduction of the ship and its vital parts. It has been noted that the system is so easy to use that its users simply do not see the need for an instruction manual.

Our design allows us to adapt to any specific application for our customer. Most systems will not allow for high flexibility and the customers often hit an incompatibility problem which often leads to expensive solutions. Flexibility of solutions is what allows STEINVIC to move seamlessly through all new customer.

Our system meet all requirements for UMS operation, and the equipment will be accepted by classification Societies such as ABS, Lloyd's Register, DNV and others. In additions to that, many customers want to add a slave a PLC which can then provide redundancy at the alarm level, and a second redundancy stage at the process control level. That solution is known as advanced- SAMS.

The system is modular, reducing the price and amount of spare parts required, and is built from standard components used around the world in the industry, thus guarantee the availability of material and support for the life expectancy of your vessel. STEINVIC offers a great technical support and puts the customer in contact with top qualified engineers and technicians that will assist people onboard with any issue.