Cargo Tank High Level & Overfill Alarm

Illustration of Alarm Units

This alarm system consists of level alarm sensor, I.S barrier and alarm panel. When the liquid level reaches a alarm level, the signal is connected to alarm annunciation through safety barrier. Both audible and visible alarms are provided at the main alarm panel as well as external alarm on the bridge top.

The 95% of volume is normally for high alarm and 98% of volume is normally for over-fill alarm.

95% and 98% alarm detection with Vibrating Level Switch VEGASWING 63 Two VEGASWING 63 vibrating level switches are applied for 95% and 98% alarm detection. A rugged construction, hard-wearing tuning fork, reliable switching characteristics, and the ability to work with changing products, make VEGASWING 63 ideal for this application. Its test key makes fast and reliable on-site checking possible.


  • Approvals from all major classification societies
  • For all kinds of liquid cargos including LPG and LNG
  • Designed for up to three levels (e.g. 95 – 98,5 – 99%)
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Long trouble free service life
  • Renewing sensors without gas freeing

Intrinsically safe designed unit is applicable to all kind of inflammable fluids. All alarm sensors are fitted with test device feature to check the sensor alarm function.